We offer the possibility to book on our Land Cruiser safari directly with us in the parks of the North for 3 days/2 nights or for 4 days/3nights or for the duration that you want. Wild, adventours and heavenly land: getting to Tanzania will make you feel that you have set foot in a completely different unreal world. It's not only about glimpsing the wildlife that is around you in its uncontamined world, but you will be also surrounded by the charm of the world's largest theater. The feeling of returning to the origins of the great silences, admiring scenes that will remain impressed in your mind.

Lionesses with their puppies that when they feel your presence, they will look at you with they wide open eyes, a deep intense look through their golden eyes injecting the flavor of Africa. Or will let you surprise by the African dawn, a magical moment in which the sounds of the night just leave after the sun's first rays' appearance; the breeze is still fresh and you will enjoy the seductive awakening of savannah.

During the journey on your Jeeps you will have to open your eyes and ears but above of all, you will have to open your heart in order to grasp smells, sounds and feelings of Africa.


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3 days/2 nights or 4 days/3 nights

Parks of the North

Jeep Land Cruiser

Monkeys, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, gnus, zebras, lions, antelopes, jackals, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, crocodiles, flamingos, rhinos and a large variety of birds

Experienced and multilingual guide

Selected lodges or tents, you choose

Starting from 499€ per person for 2 days / 1 night

Day 1

Depart from Sea View Lodge Resort to the Zanzibar airport and after about 1 hour flight to Arusha in Tanzania, the “game drive” will start in the Lake Manyara park, through a lurking jungle where many species of animals are living, including large colonies of baboons, monkeys, elephants, buffaloes and giraffes as well as countless species of birds including pink flamingos. Among the predators, it will be possible to sight leopards and lions who, is this area alone, adopt a strange behavior: they climb on the branches of the acacia trees, annoyed by the humidity on the soil.

Arrival at the Lodge, oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of savannah. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2

Breakfast during the splendor of the African dawn followed the visit to the famous crater of Ngorongoro, an ancient volcanic cone, whose top has collapsed and which is one the eight wonders in the world hosting a savannah within with the highest density of wild animals of the entire Africa, including the pink flamingos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffaloes and the rare black rhinos.

The edge of the crater offers absolutely a breathtaking view.

Dinner and overnight in the Lodge.

Day 3

Departure for the Serengeti Park, which in Swahili means “ endless plain”, a sight for your sore eyes. The park hosts gnus who also join the thousands Thomson zebras and gazelles in search of new pastures, an large herds of buffaloes, small groups of elephants and giraffes, several thousands of antelopes and impalas. The typical vegetation of this park is once again the typical one of the savannah, easy to drive through during sightseeings. The show of the predators in search of food dominates in the Serengeti park: lions celebrat the abundance of prey with their puppies and solitary leopards rest by the Seronera river while cheetahs go looking for food on the South-East side of the park. You will also encounter all three species of jackals, you will spot hyenas and numerous small and shy predators from the insectivorous hyena called the “wolf of earth” by the Afrikaans, to the beautiful wild cats. But there's a lot more: hundreds of species of birds, including the huge ostrich and the black eagle. Dinner and overnight in the Lodge.

Day 4

Return to Zanzibar and transfer to the Sea View Lodge Resort or opportunity to continue a visit of another interesting park, the North Taangire Park, called “ the giant park”, a wildlife shelter hosting colossal baobabs where you will see big herds of elephants sharpening their fangs. Just think to a river full of numerous species of animals, a calm and authentic safari atmosphere, a landscape of gnus, zebras, buffaloes and the largest concentration of Tanzania's birds.

Spend your days wonderfully.
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5 / 5
27/08/2017 - pascalezzz
A real relaxing place in paradise...
I want to go to Zanzibar !!! I don't want a big hotel with hundreds of tourists...I found the Sea View Lodge hotel and i wasn't disappointed...This hotel is the place to relax, to take...
03/04/2017 - Travis B
Incredible Food
Sea View has an amazing focus on detail, thus the pool, your room, the restaurant are all perfectly clean. We left the property for two meals and we regretted it both times - the food is fresh and...
06/02/2017 - erikteolindholm
Excellent service and tasteful design.
We arrived to Sea view lodge at noon after a sleepless night at a different hotel. We asked if they had a room, since we had heard good things from friends. It was actually fully booked, but Farouk...
07/01/2017 - Liesbethjohan
Beautiful and relaxing place with a great view and swimmingpool!
We had 7 wonderfull days in Sea View Lodge! The staff was very friendly and helpfull! The food was great! We stayed in the Dodoji room and had the terrace with the best ocean view! It was probably...
05/01/2017 - MngsmartlineEllia
Great time wonderful people
I have stayed for 2 nights with my family . The place is great. Farouk and Esther and all the staff are polite and always want to help you. The room is big with a small terrace opposite to the...
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